Mikey’s songs have been described as “pretty pop”  by Maximum Rock n Roll, “life-loving major chord happiness” and “grinding hedonistic thrills in the sunshine” by Three Imaginary Girls, and “a Lemonheads-induced dreamy haze” by Performer Magazine.

It’s a miracle these clowns even met in the first place: typical of introverts, and despite living across the street from one another, they were strangers to each other for many wasted months, separately seen carrying instruments on occasion. Lucky for each other and also lucky for a world in need of MORE catchy songs to be stuck in heads everywhere, frontman Mikey Davis finally asked about a certain drum kit he once saw. Practically a love story, the trio emerged.


Stay Up is a 3 piece Rock n’ Roll band based out of beautiful SW Portland, OR. Fronted by songwriter & guitarist Mikey Davis, who has played with the likes of Alien Crime Syndicate, Tommy Stinson (The Replacements), Little Hearts, Cali Giraffes, and who started a band with his childhood idol Evan Dando (Lemonheads). Accompanied by Ian Gustafson on drums and Dan Schrom on bass, Davis’s poignant lyrics and sweet melodies float over a tight, hard hitting rhythm section, to deliver a sound that’s impossible to ignore. Stay Up began collaborating in October 2015 and is currently recording their debut release with Steve Feasley of Love Studios in Seattle. Egos be damned, Stay Up is a singular entity in it for the music.